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– I apologize for the sparse entries lately, I’ve been on vacation in Seattle. But I have a lot of things going on.
Whilst in Seattle, I thought a lot about my thesis. Staring at an illustration I made hanging up on the wall, it occurred to me that I ought to make a bunch of highly-detailed comics. This last and final push needs to pertain to my area of interest concerning my major. Is it comics? Concept art? A series of posters? Comic books are so intimidating… but my style really suits them. I remember being twelve years old–looking over a list of requirements from Slave Labor Graphics and I got really inspired/excited because it specifically stated that there were no age restrictions. I should have gone for it then! As far as concept is concerned, I’m teeter-tottering with different ideas. It should be a narrative more than anything–with a diverse range of subject matter.

– Last night I stayed up late molding concrete skulls with Alex, working with the etching press at the studio, and getting high while riding in a black-iron pedi-cab through the sunset downtown on my way to sushi.

– Look, I know these pictures aren’t the best–but these were taken with my laptop. A nice camera is going on my wish-list.

– Last week Qais and I went kite-flying with Chris Furniss and his wife, Jinny. We had fun, despite the kites fuckin’ off.
– Tonight I am going to use my Livestream channel for the first time at 9:00 p.m. I think I am going to make a weekly ritual out of this.
After this channel-experiment, I’ll post what I’ve drawn later tonight.