– I can’t stop listening to Modest Mouse’s “Ocean Breathes Salty”. It’s been stuck in my head since I woke up this morning. Fun fact: The band used to live in my hometown [Forest Grove] not far from my house.

– Here’s what I’ve been up to today:
Been editing a piece I started a few months ago, here’s a preview:

– My sister really likes this piece supposedly. I’m not happy with it at this stage. For some odd reason I just think it looks cheesy. Does it? Note that I was in love when I made this. Can you tell with all the fuckin’ pink? Very lovey-princessy.

– The top is of The Trailer Park Boys. One of my favorite shows, but another project I abandoned a few months ago. I’m reviving it with detail, but still looks too plain to me.
– The second two photos are thumbnails for Lisbeth, who I mentioned a few posts earlier. I made more thumbnails, but these two are my favorite.
School starts in a week. I want to try and get back to Seattle before then, maybe by Monday.