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– Sometimes I don’t realize how big my audience is. Sometimes I think it’s huge, but most of the time I think it’s too small.
I have 2,266 on my Facebook. 522 on my fan-page. Sadly only 117 following me on Twitter and 103 on Tumblr.
Ideally I want to reach to 14,000 in my fanpage. And 5,000 on Twitter. Yes indeed.

– Thesis is getting FIERCE. My professor was taking no prisoners today in class. We went through our keynote presentations [skeletons at this point, really] and some kids were getting way too convoluted. He shut some of them down, big time. He took it easy on me though, thankfully–he did for his entire “A-team”. It goes unspoken that he has favorites, and I know if I pointed it out to someone in class they’d agree.

– Right now I’m looking for printable plastic for my business cards. I bought a really nice leather presentation portfolio for Thursday when clients / art directors come in from AIGA. After my meeting with them, I’m hopping on a train to go see my beloved! I’ve been going to Seattle so often since May–people think I’ve moved there.

– This illustrated poster for the Wanderlust circus is going to be big. Unwoman, Nagasita, among many other performers. I’m excited at the aspect of my work being stapled all over the city!