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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. List and briefly talk about the beauty products I use and recommend. I have friends who often ask what’s what, and from now on I can point them in this direction.
Note: My skin requires more abrasive products, because my skin is oily and used to break out pretty badly. If you have really sensitive, normal/dry skin–some of these recommendations are not for you.  


1. Dr.Bronner’s, preferably the peppermint flavor. It lasts a long time, and really cleans the skin unlike anything else. You already know. $8 – $16

2. Tea Tree Toner, from LUSH. Tea tree oil is the best for skin like mine, it makes my skin glow and look ‘radiant’. $8

3. Josie Maran’s Argan oil. If you have big pores/oily skin–THIS IS FUCKING FOR YOU. Oil + oil cancels itself out, trust me. If you use it too much, it kind of makes your skin dry. This controls oil like nothing else out there. $45

4. Boscia’s Black Mask. It’s just as shiny as it’s package. Anyone that works at Sephora will recommend this to you. $36

5. Benefit San Francisco’s Dr.Feel-good. This covers pores so that you can’t see them. AT ALL. It’s fucking amazing. Smells good and makes me feel beautiful. $29
Stay tuned for next week when I post about hair recommendations, and make-up! :p