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My list of number one products out there concerning make-up and looking hott. Let’s go.

1. MAC Skin-finish Natural [light]
– This stuff is the best. If you use a good primer, it’ll look as if you don’t have any foundation/powder on at all. This is the ONLY MAC foundation I’ll use. Everything else at MAC is WAY too cakey and noticeable. Gross.
Plus, it lasts you quite a while, definitely over six months. $29

2. MAC “Cranberry” Eyeshadow:
– This’ll make your green / blue eyes sexy as all hell. Everyone I know / meet loves it. Ladies at the Bank while making a deposit, people on the street, guys in class, etc. People will be talking to you at the bus stop, not leaving you alone. $15

3. Benefit San Francisco’s POREfessional
– Put this shit on after you moisturize and before you apply foundation. You REALLY want to look naturally beautiful? Naturally sexy? This covers up ALL of your pores. It smoothes out your skin and feels like sculpey. Bizarre texture, but it feels so good after you apply it. The whole world will try to bone you and your skin will even smell good. Please take my word for it. $29

4. Maybelline Eye-Brow-Liner
– There’s no need to spend so much money on this utensil. It looks natural and is more affordable than other brow liners. These babies give shape to your eyebrows, thus making them look more defined and sultry. $13

– These are the only make-up products I strongly advise you to at least try.