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– So, this whole time I’ve been re-designing my website in it’s entirety. The way it looks RIGHT NOW–is awful. Looks nothing like my style. It’s just UGLY. Anyway, I was working with Wix and planned on transferring my domain name. However…
Last night I randomly started looking at other female artists’ websites. I realized that–if I’m going to be a PROFESSIONAL artist / illustrator / designer, I can’t afford to compromise on first impressions–the site I have now / have been working on–it is not the BEST I can do. I need to apply myself entirely. So I’m starting from scratch and making this site look more like what Nubbly Twiglet made for some of her clients.

– I’m also going to be at ECCC at the end of March. Can’t wait for that!
– Here’s some stuff I’ve made lately:

– In progress for a client:

– In progress piece for thesis:

– Still life drawing:

– Observational drawing:

– Annnnddd I love this song.